I’d forgotten

I have to say, I had completely forgotten how much DRAMA is involved with a regular job! Sure I missed having colleagues, the lunches filled with chatter, the watercooler moments, gossiping about the boss… feeling connected to people. Feeling like we all work towards the same goal en getting great results! I should have known I was looking at it through pink glasses.

The colleagues are friendly, and it has been nice, but I wasn’t prepared to get sucked into incredible drama that is ongoing! I won’t go into details, as I’m sure they’d bore you, but in these few weeks, the managers have quit their job, and have been replaced, the staff is planning mutiny and the owner is – quite frankly – a bit senile. As a temp it’s been crazy seeing all this happening in such a short time.

I’ve missed my harlotting ways more than you can imagine, and I am back to them now. Though there will be another break from mid September – December as they’ve asked me to help them hold down the fort until the new management settles in. (I really have to learn how to say no, or at least to ask for a raise) I do plan to keep on working this time round, it is a nice city and there’s bound to be a lovely lady looking for a girl to work with. I’m even considering joining an agency! But that is all in the future, for now I’m busy getting reacquainted with my regulars, I’ve missed them and I’m so happy to see them again.

The drama has resulted in a renewed interest in moving abroad! I’ll be saving and hopefully make the move to either the UK or Ireland in the beginning next year. I’m very excited to get unstuck and moving!


Back to 9 to 5…

Yes, it’s true! I’ve gone back to the daily grind, but don’t worry, only temporary! I felt it was time to remind myself how lucky I am, and to fill that hole in my CV somewhat. So I applied for some temp jobs and quickly got myself hired!

I’ve been working in a hotel, and the work has been great, as are the people. I’ve been fasttracked through all the different jobs, so the first week I have been a chambermaid, a breakfast lady, a receptionist, a bartender… You name it, I’ve done it, it was truly a fantastic way to get to know how the business works. it was hard work, and long shifts but getting to know the insides was absolutely worth it! I’ve still got about a month to go, mainly to support the management while they go on their respective vacations.

Sales have started here two weeks ago, and I went shopping with one of my new colleagues. I saw a pair of shoes that is exactly like a pair I have, but red instead of light blue. They are perfect, but I resisted. I’ve been regretting it since, so tomorrow, first thing I’m going back to the store to see if they still got them. (I love the brand, girls check it out: http://www.harlotshoes.com )

I’ve been living in a wonderful little apartment these last few weeks, in a beautiful city: Bruges. Not doing any work, but still planning that tour!

Sport, it’s everywhere these days!

It’s been all about sport these last few weeks, and I have to admit I got caught up in it myself! Belgium sadly didn’t make it to the world cup (aww) so I decided to root for the underdog, New Zealand. They were least likely to win and hadn’t been to a world cup in well over 20 years, scoring no points back then. They are out, (as most of you probably know) and I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t attack more during their game against Paraguay. Still, they didn’t lose a match and came out on top of Italy. Go NZ! Did you know the country only has one professional team?

Harder to find on the telly these days is Wimbledon. I don’t have digital tv and it has been buried behind layers of footie. I love watching tennis, and I want to go and watch at Wimbledon more than anything, too bad getting tickets is so hard, but I’ll definitely subscribe to the ballot again this year. Except for the longest match ever, which has been covered to death, there haven’t been any surprises. The last Belgian man lost yesterday, otherwise he would face Murray, and our Belgian dream team (Henin & Clijsters) has to face each other on Monday. I don’t want to see either go this early.

Getting ready for the GP this afternoon, Red Bull has been doing so well, I wish they’d get along. Usually I support Button, but it will be a tall order today, as he’s way down on the starting grid. But we’ll see, who knows, right?

As for myself and sport, I’ve taken jogging up (again), I’m not really the active sort, but I do like to keep fit. If the weather stays like this I’ll have to switch to swimming though, which is as enjoyable but a lot more hassle. (my hair and chlorine don’t seem to agree)

I’ve been planning a tour of Ireland, and might add a tour of the UK at the end of it. I’m really excited, it is shaping up very nicely. Lovely people have been helping me with finding great places to stay, it almost feels like I’m going on a holiday. Speaking of holidays, I’m visiting London with my sister in August, if anybody has recommendations/suggestions what touristy things to do, they are most welcome!

A promise

This will be my last poetry post for a while! I just had to share this poem, it has been on my (poorly self-made) desktop for the last few months, and if I ever get my dream, it will be painted above my bed in my London flat.

It’s one of the only poems I stumbled on and immediately fell in love with that is English.  My first thought was that it reminds me of Millay’s poetry, and that can never be a bad thing.  I think it describes a relationship most people have been in at one point in their life. It’s the kind of relationship I like.

Also, a question for women visiting my blog: can we have wet dreams? Because I think I had one, I dreamed I was in a porn movie (which I would never consider irl) and it was so naughty and sneaky! (and hot)

Poetry under the cut! Continue reading


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Zug, a pranksters website

You must choose!

The Harlot’s Handbook

You think punternet didn’t exist before the internet? Think again! In the 18th century there was a published book, Harris’s Lists, which was a catalogue describing the talents and attributes of London’s floozies. Created by a pimp, a prostitute and a poet, the Lists became an instant bestseller.

Hallie Rubenhold wrote ‘The Story of The Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies’ and uses the details found within the Lists to produce a vivid depiction of the steamy underside of Georgian life. In 2007 BBC4 aired a documentary based on the book, it’s only 30 mins long, if you want to, you can watch it here:

Perfect to watch on a rainy ashy afternoon.

I want to bite my initials on a sailor’s neck

I’ve never been up-to-date when it comes to music, even now I wouldn’t recognise a song by Lady Gaga. I usually blame my lack of knowledge on not listening to the radio but as most people are very passionate about music it is rather embarrassing to admit to said L of K.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t love music, I’m just not ‘with it’. I love singing a long in my car with musicals. (and only in my car, my singing is so bad I don’t even dare to sing in the shower) I played the piano for over eight years, and while I didn’t appreciate it at the time, I certainly like classical music now. I also have a preference for strong woman’s voices like Janis Joplin, I love swing and when I go out dancing, I’m not ashamed to admit, I’m all for a good beat.

So you see, I’m hardly starved for good music, I do fine thank you, even if I don’t have an idea who sang this or that song. Who is N°1 in the charts or what singer X looks like.

I want to share a song that influenced me as a young impressionable girl. This song is called Lorelei and I came so close to chosing it as my escort alter ego. Joline was much easier though, closer to my real name and no connotations with Gilmore Girls. Ella Fitzgerald sings it, and Lorelei is a floozie, definitely worth listening too!